Information for travel companies dealing with Coronavirus in the UK

The Novel Corona Virus continues to present a number of serious challenges. For the travel & leisure industry, the impact on current and future bookings has been significant.

Many difficult questions arise, and the nature of individual travel businesses make it difficult to provide a “one size fits all” piece of guidance – especially with the situation as fluid as it is.

However, there are some sensible steps to consider:

  1. First of all, all of us can but continue to follow the advice, guidance on contingency measures provided by the authorities. In the UK, that is typically going to be the Public Health website. The FCO website is also being updated regularly (Link);
  2. Secondly, it is always worthwhile being as pro-active as you can – this has obvious customer service benefits, but can also help to protect your business. Taking active, reasonable steps is rarely frowned upon;
  3. Reviewing what services you are due to offer in the coming months and having a basic policy in place is sensible step as part of your planning. Risk assessing the impact to your business of trips not going ahead in the short, medium and long term may help such planning.

Whilst comparisons are being made to the SARS virus in the early 00s are understandable, this epidemic looks to be now “charting its own course” and the need to stay flexible and informed are as important as ever.

As trusted service providers and advisors to the travel industry, both ABTOT and Travlaw will be continuing to monitor the situation so stay tuned for more insight, as we have it.

As advised by Matt Gatenby Travlaw 11 February 20