ABTOT is a Membership Association with over 270 Members and is a recognised and respected by the UK Travel Industry.

As an Approved Body, appointed by the UK Government Department for Business and Trade, ABTOT operates a regulated financial protection bonding scheme for Travel Organisers who need to comply with the UK Travel Regulations.

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  • Financial Failure Insurance

    ABTOT can organise Financial Failure Insurance (FFI) an as an alternative to the ABTOT Bond

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  • ABTOT merchant services

    Take advantage of our unique merchant services facilities

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  • ABTOT ATOL Franchise

    Opening the door to cover for licensable and non-licensable turnover

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  • Travel Bonds

    All the information you need to know about Travel Bonds and how they work and who can benefit.

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    ABTOT Membership opens the door to:

    • cover for both licensable and non-licensable turnover through travel bonding;
    • a highly competitive credit card facility;
    • promotional opportunities for your business.

    As an established travel trade association, we’ve been helping specialist, professional travel organisers, plus charities and associations big and small, meet their regulatory requirements for package holidays since 1993.

    We are an approved Department for Business and Trade body, and today, we continue to lead the way with a range of financial protection options, and member benefits.

    What will Membership mean for you?
  • Pointing travel organisers in the right direction

    Choosing the ABTOT bonding route for financial protection is:

    • the preferred choice for successful SMEs;
    • cost-effective and straightforward;
    • time-saving – so you don’t get bogged down in administration;
    • beneficial – belonging to a travel trade association has recognised value for your customers.
    What will Membership mean for you?

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