Types of ATOL

  • There are several types of ATOLs: what is the best one for your business?

    The type of ATOL you choose depends on the size of your business and your programme of flight inclusive sales. There are 4 different types of ATOLs to consider.

    For the Standard and Small Business ATOL (SBA) you need to contact the CAA directly however larger ATOL Holders over 1,000 passengers can also be considered under the ABTOT ATOL Franchise (see below).

    1. Standard ATOL

    • No minimum or maximum passenger or licensable revenue restrictions
    • Personal fitness and competence test assessed by CAA.
    • Need to meet CAA Standard ATOL financial criteria.
    • £2,386 application fee plus 14.97 pence variable per passenger charge.
    • Minimum £30K Paid Up Share Capital for limited companies

    Standard ATOL | Civil Aviation Authority (caa.co.uk)

    2. Small Business ATOL (SBA)

    • Limited to 500 passengers and £1m licensable revenue per annum for minimum three years.
    • Minimum £50,000 bond required.
    • Personal fitness and competence test assessed by the CAA.
    • Need to meet CAA SBA financial criteria.
    • £1,408 application fee.
    • Minimum £30K Paid Up Share Capital for limited companies
    • APC deposit of £1,250

    Small business ATOL | Civil Aviation Authority (caa.co.uk)

    3. Franchise ATOL (ABTOT has been an approved CAA Franchisee since 2017)

    • Licence granted on the basis of ABTOT Membership which is subject to risk assessment for licensable and non-licensable turnover.
    • Ideally suited to 1,000 passengers and £5m licensable revenue (but Standard ATOLs also possible).
    • Individual ATOL and ATOL number is obtained.
    • Personal fitness and competence test assessed by the CAA.
    • Instead of meeting CAA Financial criteria, applicants meet ABTOT’s Financial criteria and pass the ABTOT financial criteria test.
    • £898 application fee (for under 1,001 passengers).

    ATOL Franchise Program Solutions and Services | ABTOT

    4. Accredited Bodies ATOL

    • Applicant is required to become a member of an Accredited Body.
    • Appliants trade under their ATOL.
    • No ATOL bond is needed.
    • No financial criteria test is needed.
    • You will be required to meet the Accredited Body’s conditions of membership.

    Accredited bodies | Civil Aviation Authority (caa.co.uk)

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