ABTOT’s Merchant Services Facilities

  • ABTOT has partnered with leading merchant acquirers to create exclusive and preferential Merchant Services Facilities for ABTOT Members.

    The Merchant Services Facilities are linked to ABTOT Members’ financial protection offering the following benefits:

    • Competitive rates for domestic credit and debit cards
    • Streamlined application process
    • Free set up costs
    • Transparent, easy-to-understand rating structure
    • Financial terms may be waived or reduced

    ABTOT Members can choose from Trust Payments, Paysafe and Clover. Find out more:

    Trust Payments is a technology platform, offering a suite of commerce related products and services to businesses. We act as a consultative advisor to businesses of all sizes, optimising the booking experience, and feeding powerful data insights. This range of business services allows our customers to unlock operational efficiencies and bottom line savings. They offer:

    • Pay by card, Applepay/Googlepay, pay by bank and various international payment options
    • Real-time transaction reporting, into a single user-friendly portal
    • Multi-currency and multi-lingual payments to localise your customers booking experience
    • 24/7 customer and technical support, with a travel expert account manager
    • Flexible settlement options
    • Fraud screening and chargeback management service

    Paysafe’s partnership with ABTOT offers a payment solution for the travel industry which lets ABTOT Members focus on their core business.

    Paysafe’s core purpose is to enable businesses and consumers to connect and transact seamlessly across multiple payment types. ABTOT in partnership with Paysafe can offer:

    • Travel bonds, merchant services & payment services under one roof
    • Easy-to-understand rating structures
    • No set up costs or deferred settlements
    • Transparent and competitive interchange ++ pricing beneficially linked to ABTOT’s financial protection
    • Full suite of API’s & SDK’s to ensure a frictionless payment experience for customers

    Clover is a unified payment and POS solution provider backed by Fiserv. Clover offers everything from pure acquiring through to custom-designed hardware to create a frictionless experience for ABTOT Members and their customers across all channels, be they mobile wallets to online transactions and phone-based orders.
    How Clover can improve your business:

    • Accepts all major payment types including contactless, Apple Pay and Google Pay.
    • Online payment solutions allow you to accept payments by link, or by using your computer as a virtual card terminal, meaning you can accept more than just face-to-face transactions.
    • Easy to use online reporting offers rapid access to your payment activity and transaction history at your convenience.
    • Tailored payment processing solutions and unrivalled technical support has helped clinics and practices all over the UK accept all major payment types, streamline day-to-day management tasks, and keep up with the speed of commerce.

    Each application for the merchant services facilities is subject to underwriter approval and will be independently assessed by ABTOT and the chosen merchant provider.

    To find out more contact the ABTOT Team enquiry@abtot.com 020 7065 5313

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