How does a Franchise ATOL work?

  • A travel organiser can have their own ATOL number and licence when they operate as an ATOL Holder under the ABTOT ATOL Franchise scheme.

    The applicant has to meet ABTOT’s financial criteria and pass ABTOT’s financial criteria test but they still need to have CAA final approval on their application and complete the CAA personal fitness and competence test.

    Once an applicant has received our indicative terms, we help the applicant complete their registration and application form on the CAA Portal.


    New ATOL Franchise Members pay £898 and an annual renewal fee of £686

    If an Applicant passes ABTOT’s financial criteria test and they have more than a 1,000 pax and £5m turnover they can still be in the ABTOT ATOL franchise but they have to pay the Standard ATOL fees:

    Standard ATOL fees £2386 and annual renewal £1497 ( if received by applicable date).

    ABTOT can provide ATOL Franchise Membership supported by unsecured bonding or with a hybrid bond/trust account with PTT trustees.

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