How to make a complaint

  • If you have had a poor experience with an ABTOT Member you need to contact them directly to discuss your complaint. Members will have an internal complaints process which will need to be followed and should have information about this on their websites, brochures or in their terms and conditions.

    If, having completed the complaints process with the Member,  you are still unhappy, ABTOT can do the following:

    • Collect information regarding the nature of your complaint and where it has progressed to in the Member’s internal complaints process – this is to help the Member identify and act on the complaint if it has not yet reached the final decision with the Member.
    • Contact the Member to let them know that we have been contacted by you. 
      • If the complaint is still ongoing with the Member, ABTOT will seek to ensure a conclusion is reached within the appropriate timeframes but will not interfere in the process or influence the Member in any way.
      • If the final response has been issued by the Member, ABTOT can offer access to our approved arbitration service who can settle disputes between ABTOT Members and their customers.   This service is administered and managed independently by Dispute Settlement Services Limited.  You can contact them HERE.

    This arbitration service is not mandatory – both the customer and the Member need to agree to enter into arbitration and both parties incur a fee.

    If you feel that an ABTOT Member has not followed the ABTOT Code of Conduct we suggest you contact them directly first to discuss your complaint.

    If this does not resolve the matter, we will ask you to provide evidence as to how the Member has not followed ABTOT’s code of conduct.

    We will review all evidence in line with the Code and the Regulations and reach out to the Member in question for their view and evidence.  If a breach of the Code of Conduct is upheld, ABTOT will take appropriate action. Such action may be the suspension or expulsion of the Member (for very serious breaches) or a request for them to undertake some form of action to correct the code breach, depending on what it was. You will be advised of the outcome of ABTOT’s investigation.

    ABTOT can be contacted on or Call 020 7065 5311

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