Who is ABTOT?

  • ABTOT is the Association of Bonded Travel Organisers Trust. We arrange financial protection solutions for over 300 established tour operators and coach operators trading in the UK and Ireland.

    ABTOT is an approved body (approved by Department for Business, Energy and Industrial strategy) which oversees the bonding process to ensure that ABTOT Members financial protection are at an adequate level to meet their insolvency requirements in the event of their financial failure as defined by The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018

    We help our members’ customers by:

    • Ensuring ABTOT members have the relevant financial protection in place
    • First step: Check to see if your travel company is an ABTOT member – ABTOT Members Directory
    • Second step: check ABTOT members’ terms and conditions to find out the level of financial protection in place.
    • Protecting you, the public – maintaining high standards across advertising, terms of trade, changes to bookings and customer complaints
    • We offer an arbitration service to settle disputes between ABTOT members and their clients – How to make a complaint
    • We advise customers how to make a claim in the event of an ABTOT failure – How to make a claim
  • Directory of members

    Check our ABTOT membership directory and search for a protected travel organiser

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