Emergency Legislation lobbying underway re UK Travel Regulations

This has not been adopted by the UK as yet however if adopted, as an approved body, ABTOT and ABTOT Members will be required to follow the new guidance.

We urge Members to handle customer requests as appropriately as possible during this unprecedented crisis ensuring your business remains operational in this challenging time.

The likely advice will be to postpone customers’ holidays to a later date and provide customer credit notes instead of offering refunds within 14 days.

Customers will be able to ask for a full cash refund if they cannot accept a postponed holiday at a later date possibly in a few months’ time.

Please note that all Customer Credit Notes will be covered by your ABTOT Bond or ATOL.

Source link:  https://ec.europa.eu/info/sites/info/files/coronavirus_info_ptd_19.3.2020.pdf

Once we have received confirmation that the UK Regulations have changed we will provide further guidance.