ABTOT are proud partners of the FCDO Travel Aware Campaign

The purpose of  the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) travel advice is to provide information and advice to help British nationals make their own informed decisions about foreign travel.

Travel Aware is an established campaign and aims to increase confidence in travel, whilst asking travellers and the Travel Industry to engage with travel advice and understand the steps that need to be taken for a safe and enjoyable trip.

If the FCDO issue an “against all travel or against all but essential travel” in response to issues in destination such as a worldwide pandemic or a significant terrorist incident or extreme weather warnings, fires etc, then this presents a number of immediate issues:

  • Passenger welfare 
  • customer travel insurance often becomes void
  • PTR obligations on travel organisers become pressing.  

Knowing when travel advice to a destination has changed is essential to a quick and appropriate response by the travel organiser. Foreign travel advice – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

ABTOT are proud to partner and promote the FCDO Travel Aware Summer Campaign “Get Travel Smart”  to our Members and for their customers. By signing up for Travel Advice email alerts, Members and their customers stay up to date with entry requirements, destination issues and any changes to UK travel policy. It’s is a quick and easy process and information can be filtered for individual countries or multiple destinations. 

Keep your eye out for the social media promotion, which includes short animations and bright memorable animated graphics, designed to stand out. 

Use the links below to sign up to travel alerts today if you have not already done so and #GetTravelSmart