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  • Trees4Travel is a UK award winning environmental ‘Tech for Good’ company that enables travel and events to be planet and people positive. Dedicated to educating, calculating, and then compensating/offsetting carbon emissions for the travel industry. Their technology includes a suite of calculators that translates emissions into trees – one of the most impactful, tangible, and simple ways to present the complex world of carbon offsetting. Trees are one of the most powerful absorbers of carbon emissions, however they can be fragile, so to ensure emissions are removed as quickly as possible, Trees4Travel always assigns each tree with a share of an investment into United Nations Certified Emissions Reduction (CER) renewable energy programs. A traveller’s dashboard keeps track of their trips, trees, and emissions, with updated connections to all tree growing projects. Smart tools and tips help traveller’s make better, more sustainable choices. The reforestation projects are focused on developing countries, to aid in restoring eco-systems, biodiversity and to help support local communities with the dignity of employment. Through this hybrid approach Trees4Travel aims to support up to 13 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, building a more sustainable and equitable world.

    Benefits to ABTOT Members

    ABTOT members have access to a user-friendly ‘Tree Dashboard’ to gift and sell trees to their clients or just share emissions information translating trips to trees which incorporates a 2 for 1 model (an extra tree will be planted– at no cost to ABTOT members, for each tree purchased by their client). All members will be gifted 10 free trees to get them started.

    Trees4Travel offers: 

    • a dedicated dashboard for calculating ‘trips to trees’ then gifting/selling trees 
    • simple scripts to introduce sustainable travel and the Trees4Travel partnership
    • a 2 for 1 model, highlighting an ABTOT members continued commitment to sustainable travel
    • a reforestation + renewable energy hybrid for planet and people positive travel
    • a simple, tangible, affordable, sustainability solution 
    • free marketing materials, presentations, videos, and social media content
    • bespoke design tree gifting cards for promos 
    • travellers map views of tree growing locations + planting status in their dashboards
    • We also offer API connections or simple file upload options 
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