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  • Trees4Travel’s aim is to help the travel industry reduce its environmental impact, but also to be able to make simple climate contributions of just one tree per booking – so what could this achieve?

    In 2023, the UNWTO announced that 975 million tourists travelled internationally – that could have been 975 million trees in the ground in just one year!

    Trees are scientifically proven to be one of our best carbon technologies, but they are not enough, which is why, behind every tree planted, Trees4Travel always simultaneously invests into new clean energy technologies, including innovations such as producing circular biofuels from organic waste for transport and providing clean energy solutions for communities.

    Trees are also not just about carbon capture; they give a tangible connection to what partners are investing into (through a ‘forest page’ showing partners live progress) but forests are also home to 80% of terrestrial wildlife and support the livelihoods of 1.6 billion people globally, including 60 million indigenous and tribal communities. Forests are also integral to our food security and today 25% of our medicines still originate from rainforests. The science is clear, forests aren’t the sole solution to our environmental impact, but they can make a real difference when combined with emission reductions – they can help us reach our sustainability goals. 

    Trees4Travel’s unique hybrid and holistic approach of ‘nature & tech’ supports and focuses on 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, their calculators are free, translating trips into trees, enabling travellers, travel advisors and travel companies to measure, manage and reduce emissions impact, and then making or offering smarter travel choices. 

    Trees4Travel is an award winning environmental ‘tech for good’ company, that gives us all an opportunity to pull together towards shaping a more ethical, regenerative, thriving future facilitating collaboration, through simple, impactful, and affordable climate contributions. 

    What’s in it for members? 

    A trusted partner who can guide travel companies on their sustainability journeys. 

    A simple, tangible, affordable and impactful way to start climate contributions. 

    Free calculators to help measure, manage, and mitigate emissions, using international methodology standards and protocol.

    • Tree Growing + Renewables Hybrid
    • United Nations Certified Emission Reduction Carbon Credits
    • Focus on 15 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
    • Employee Tree Planting Programs
    • FREE Sustainability Marketing Support
    • FREE API Carbon Calculators

    Trees4Travel is:

    • ISO 9001 Quality Management – Certified 
    • ISO 14001 Environmental Management – Certified
    • ISO 27001 Information & Security Management – Certified
    • Aspire Awards – Luxury Travel Sector – Sustainability Winner 2021
    • Sustainability Champions 2022 – Business Travel People Award Winner
    • UNWTO Awake Tourism Challenge – Finalist 2023
    • A World for Travel – Economic Advancement Award Winner 2023
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