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    Adequate travel insurance is an essential part of any holiday and we believe that travel organisers are uniquely placed to sell travel insurance tailored to their customers’ needs. You know your holiday programme and the type of activities your customers will undertake. If you have arranged a bespoke travel policy to cover your holiday programme, as you can do with t&g you will be able to sell with confidence.

    For travel organisers like you, selling competitively priced travel insurance is more than just a sale to make; it is an extension of the customer care that you provide. An additional benefit to you is that it provides a valuable stream of additional income.

    • Prices from just £20 p.a. per person
    • Pre-existing medical conditions covered as standard
    • Covers the costs of sending out replacement staff
    • Policies are backed by Lloyd’s of London
    • Straightforward application process
    • We have a dedicated and experienced team to assist you
    • Covers medical expenses for your tour managers and costs in sending out a replacement to ensure your clients still receive the holiday booked
    • Generous personal possessions and travel delay cover including volcanic ash as standard

    How can I sell travel insurance?

    To suit your business needs, there are 2 ways of selling t&g travel insurance.

    Firstly, where travel policies are sold directly by your staff. Secondly where your customer is referred to t&g and they sell the policy on your behalf.

    Whichever route you choose t&g will provide full support, ensuring that you can sell or refer with confidence and not make a charge for ensuring FCA compliance.

    Through our Appointed Representative scheme you include details of our travel policies, which t&g have designed specifically for you in your brochure, website or other promotional literature. The policy is sold in conjunction with the holiday booking by your reservations staff.

    The t&g introducer scheme is ideal for travel organisers who want to concentrate on selling their holidays without devoting extra time to selling travel insurance but who still wish to provide an insurance service and increase profits.

    You again include details of our travel policies, which t&g have designed specifically for you, in your brochure, website or other promotional literature. You introduce your customers to t&g and they look after the enquiry on your behalf. In the event of a successful sale you enjoy a valuable commission. t&g provide a polite and effective service, which is personal and friendly with no ‘high pressure’ sales tactics. Their customer services team are fully trained for FCA compliance and product knowledge, ensuring your customer gets the best service and the right cover.

    What services do t&g provide?

    • 24 hour emergency assistance
    • Dedicated claims handling
    • Comprehensive medical screening
    • Personalised training
    • Helpdesk
    • Issue policies online

    What travel insurance policies are available?

    • Annual multi-trip
    • Single trip
    • Longstay

    What is the process?

    Whichever your preferred choice of travel insurance, t&g will need to know some details about your travel programme and the insurance needs of your customers.

    Speak with a member of the travel insurance team about this insurance today on 020 7065 5380.

    To help t&g fully understand your requirements and to make an assessment of how they can provide the right travel policy for your customers, they will need you to complete an application form and provide copies of your promotional literature, including brochures. Their travel insurance team will speak with or meet you, to establish exactly what you and your customers require and to discuss the best sales method for you, either direct sales or referring your customers to t&g’s call centre. This can lead to personalised training and desk aides for your staff covering everything they will need to know to sell or refer correctly and with confidence.

    The next stage is to move to a written quotation and this will include a tailored insurance solution, the period of the scheme, schedules of cover and policy wordings with any special terms and conditions, a statement of demands and needs, the premiums that will be quoted and the commissions due to you following any sales.

    The partnership is formalised by an agreement, signed by each party. This will set out each of the responsibilities during the period of the agreement. t&g don’t then forget about you. They will provide regular progress reports, at periods to suit you, with information on sales achieved and the commissions earned from the travel insurance. Following on from the report t&g can provide recommendations on how sales can be improved to unlock profits and reach your full potential.

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