Travel Employers in 2023 – Your guide to the latest challenges webinar

With the summer season nearly over, we’re hosting a free live webinar on Tuesday 19th September to help all travel companies navigate the latest challenges.

This is a special live event which will give you the chance to access specialist advice on all the new issues that travel employers face – including AI in the workplace, as well as the latest HR, recruitment and legal issues in the travel industry. And you will also have the opportunity to submit questions to our panel of industry experts, featuring Barbara Kolosinska (Managing Director at C&M Travel Recruitment), Claire Steiner(HR and Talent Professional), and Ami Naru (Partner at Travlaw).

Among the topics set to be covered are:
•    AI in the workplace – how will it affect you?
•    Travel recruitment predictions for autumn / winter 2023
•    Do you need to incorporate AI into your recruitment process? Are your competitors already using AI?
•    Health and wellbeing at work – where do you stand legally?
•    Open floor – ask your recruitment, legal or HR questions

The webinar will be taking place on Tuesday 19th September at 11am, so simply register your details for free now to book your place – and if you would like to pose any questions in advance, we would love to hear them.

We look forward to seeing you there,
Barbara Kolosinska and the C&M team