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  • Smart Currency Business is a Currency Risk Management specialist—with a difference. One that brings a deeper perspective to eliminating risk—helping you prepare for the unpredictable, make informed decisions and protect profitability as you grow your business.

    With two decades of experience helping businesses with their international payments and foreign exchange risk management, Smart Currency Business can provide you with a solution which will allow your business to manage your exposure to foreign exchange risk easily and effectively. We will help you to benefit from operational efficiencies based on our deep domain knowledge of the payment space, ensuring your suppliers and partners receive the payments in their currency of choice in a timely manner.

    Benefit from our years of experience as we guide you through the complexities of currency fluctuations. Our experts tailor strategies to your unique needs, ensuring your profits remain protected. Additionally, our Mass Payments and API solutions can simplify your payment processes, making transactions and international payments hassle-free.

    We are here to support any company exposed to currency exchange movements or who make international payments. Please feel to contact us to claim a complimentary consultation allowing us to understand, analyse and offer a bespoke and fit-for-purpose solution to eliminate any of your pain points.

    Our client’s feedback:

    “I feel like I have a very bespoke relationship. I really liked, that from the outset, I was asked what I want in terms of information and contact and how I prefer to be dealt with (given that FX challenge is not the only focus of my role). The team is proactive but not overbearing. The communication has been excellent. I like the fact that I get messages about arranging calls and meetings and that I get asked if I want to go with this solution or explore other ideas. All three team members have their own strengths and expertise, which is great. All are professional and are always making themselves available at short notice, something I don’t get from our banking partner.”

    Financial Director of Glinwell Plc.