School Travel and Educational Travel Organisers

  • School Travel and Educational Travel Organisers are required to have financial protection in place which complies with the UK’s Travel Regulations and more importantly provides confidence and comfort to their customers, parents and families.

    Many School Travel and Educational Travel Organisers choose ABTOT for their financial protection as ABTOT operates a regulated financial protection bonding scheme.

    ABTOT supports School Travel & Educational Organisers by providing:

    • Robust financial protection:  ABTOT is an approved govt body and was awarded an ATOL franchise in 2017 enabling it to cover flight and non-flight bookings for approved Members.
    • Also, ABTOT offers 3 Merchant Acquiring Schemes, whereby Members enjoy beneficial acquiring rates and a streamlined application process.
    • Professional arbitration services
    • A code of conduct which refers to professional trading standards.


    Does the School Travel Forum (STF) recognise ABTOT bonding for its members?

    Yes, STF do recognise ABTOT’s government approved financial protection scheme and professional services. STF changed their membership rules July 23 enabling its members to choose the most appropriate scheme for their operations. 

    What search terms are commonly used to find information about School Travel and Educational Travel Insolvency protection for their customers?
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    What other insurances should a School Travel & Educational Travel Organiser consider for their business?

    Tour Operator Insurance is a dedicated business insurance policy for the Travel Sector and is highly recommended by Travel Lawyers as it provides insurance cover where travel businesses have a legal liability. 

    We ensure that all ABTOT Members have a current Tour Operator Insurance policy in place. To find out more about the policy click here

    Cyber Insurance offers protection from Cyber risk and data breaches which could damage your business, your reputation and cause monetary loss. We are seeing more travel businesses who have had a cyber-attack, and it is a risk factor we have to consider when financial protecting our Members. To find out more about a Cyber Policy click here 

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