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  • As a specialist intermediary, t&g provides a convenient solution for different types of insurances required by travel organisers and agents. These products include: liability insurance for travel organisers and travel agents, office buildings and contents insurance; crisis management insurance, catastrophe cover and combined office and liability insurance.

    We often find that requests for liability insurance are part of a wider enquiry involving other products (e.g. travel bonding and financial protection) provided by t&g. In this situation you will find that some of the supporting information for each application is the same. We are happy to receive both applications at the same time or we can take copies of information that has already been provided to our underwriters.

    Appropriately worded booking conditions with customers and suitably worded contracts with suppliers can reduce your exposure to liability. Being able to demonstrate good risk management procedures in all the booked arrangements will also help. If you need advice when formulating the documents it would be wise to contact lawyers who specialise in travel law. We have some contacts in that regard if you need them.

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