Non-UK based Travel Organisers can apply for ABTOT Membership

  • ABTOT Membership is open to Travel Organisers who are based outside the UK and sell to UK consumers and therefore need to comply with the UK Package Travel Regulations.

    ABTOT is an approved body and we ensure that our Members’ financial protection is at an adequate level to meet insolvency requirements, whether they have a Bond, Financial Failure Insurance or an ATOL under the ABTOT ATOL Franchise.

    The first step for applicants is to contact the Business Development Team who will be able to assess if you meet our initial criteria. Applicants need to be: 

    • A small to medium sized Travel Organiser.
    • The Principal in the contract (travel organiser or linked travel arranger). We do not provide retail bonds.
    • Able to demonstrate that they have or can have £10k paid up share capital.
    • Able to meet the initial financial criteria.

    Travel Bonds are typically the most cost-effective form of financial protection and require less time spent on administration, requiring only quarterly declarations and an annual renewal. Every Travel Bond has to be accompanied by ABTOT’s shortfall policy:
    • The shortfall policy is a requirement under Reg 21 of the PTRs.
    • It enables a lower overall percentage of annual turnover to be bonded.
    • All Members contribute to the shortfall policy premium based on the size of their travel bonds.

    The Shortfall policy provides a second layer of protection in case the value of Travel Bonds held by the ABTOT Member turns out to be insufficient in the event of a failure.

    Financial Failure Insurance (FFI) can be useful for start-up travel companies or emerging companies:
    • Financial protection is paid only on confirmed bookings, which are declared monthly.
    • ABTOT’s FFI is a pay as you go scheme backed by an A+* rated insurer allows travel organisers to fulfil their obligations to cover customers’ payments under the Package Travel Regulations.

    ABTOT ATOL Franchise

    Membership is a condition of the ABTOT ATOL Franchise and an ABTOT bond will be needed for your non-licensable (non-flight) bookings as well as one for your licensable (flight inclusive) ATOL bookings.
    If you apply for the ATOL Franchise:

    • There is usually no additional financial criteria on top of ABTOT’s Membership criteria of £10k paid up share capital.
    • The bonding requirements are generally less than the CAA’s requirements subject to an underwriter assessment.
    • The passenger limits of a Franchise ATOL are double that of a Small Business ATOL.

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