Press releases

  • ABTOT Associate WHA explains VAT implications on Refund Credit Notes

    In late 2018 HMRC issued Revenue and Customs Brief 13 (2018) outlining HMRC’s VAT policy on retained payments and deposits, seeking to collect VAT from businesses on retained deposits when customers do not take up supplies. Prior to implementation on 1 March 2019, HMRC realised they had made an error in relation to forfeited deposits […]

  • ABTOT Associate Travlaw provides the latest information on Furlough 4 April 2020

    On 4 April 2020 the government announced yet further guidance, clarifying points that many employers were asking since the introduction of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme a couple of weeks ago. Please see the update to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme, but below we set out the main points clarified. Can employees on furlough, start […]