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  • Who are we and what do we do for travel organisers?

    Our scheme has operated since 1993; providing competitive bonding solutions for travel organisers selling accommodation with other travel services. In 2017 we were granted an ATOL franchise – we call it ABTOT ATOL Franchise, which enables our members to protect flights, flights and accommodation, flights with other travel services as well as accommodation with other travel services simultaneously and reduce their costs and administration.

    Financial protection by way of travel bonding works on the basis where you provide projections for your turnover and passenger numbers for the coming year and a percentage of the turnover is set as a bond value. There is no requirement then for customer monies to be paid into a trust account so the revenue you receive can goes straight into your business. The bond is a legally binding ‘promise to pay’ document that sits on file for the agreed period. In the event of the member’s financial failure, ABTOT make a demand for payment from the bond provider (insurer or bank) in order to refund customers and pay for repatriation costs.

    The ABTOT team

    The Membership Secretary is supported by Travel and General staff – helping to provide a seamless process with combined expertise.

    Introducing our team:

    • Samantha Bradbury
      ABTOT Membership Secretary

    • Natalie Black picture

      Natalie Black
      ABTOT Development Manager

    • Jessica Reddish

      Jessica Reddish
      Administration support

    • John Shaw picture

      John Shaw
      Business Development Manager

    • Richard Watson picture

      Richard Watson
      ABTOT Director

    We’re on hand to help

    We hope you find your dealings with us informative and you take confidence from our knowledge and experience. If you ever get lost along the way, then we’re here to shine a light on any worries or queries you may have about your membership. Drop us a line here

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