Am I suitable?

Membership profile

ABTOT is suitable for both professional and occasional travel organisers and offers protection for non-licensable turnover.

  • This includes any packages which do not include a flight element as part of the package. No two ABTOT members are alike but what they share is:

    • They are independent travel organisers.
    • They are specialist travel organisers who have found a niche market which their experience and expertise is a valuable asset.
    • Many offer a rare or unique product. .
    • We also have members who are travel organisers offering accommodation only and chose membership to protect their clients.
    • We also have clubs, societies, associations and charities who are not primarily travel organisers among our members who occasionally organise trips that are covered by the regulations. They find joining ABTOT attractive because we require them to protect only the relevant proportion of turnover. This can save them a significant amount of money.
  • What we are unable to accommodate:

    • Packages that have a flight content and are therefore licensed by the CAA.
    • Packages where only part of the contract is being bonded.
    • Currently ABTOT membership is not available to travel agents.
    • Given the diversity of ABTOT’s membership it is always best to get in contact with us to see if your business is one that we can accommodate.

Membership Criteria


We require our prospective members to comply with the following requirements:

  • Applicants should be professional or occasional travel organisers who sell packages directly to their customers. ABTOT is not able to offer protection to retail turnover
  • The organisation must be based in the UK and the key personnel should be UK resident.
  • The organisation must hold valid public and products liability insurance with a minimum cover of £2m.


ABTOT require members to act in a financially prudent manner. On joining, ABTOT would expect a member to reverse losses incurred, normally within 2 years. Travel organisers must meet their debts as they fall due. Financial assessment is based upon the latest set of audited or certified accounts. We may ask for updated information if the position has changed. For applicants yet to commence trading or within their first year of trading, it will be based upon a certified opening balance sheet. When we look at a member’s financial health we look at the following:

  • The type of assets contained in the balance sheet. ABTOT would normally expect to see a net asset ratio of 5%. Travel organisers will not be excluded from membership if they do not meet this preferred ratio but we do encourage them to achieve this result with retained profits. For more information please click HERE
  • ABTOT has a minimum requirement of £10,000 Paid up Share Capital.

We will continue to do this analysis at subsequent renewals, based on the latest signed accounts at that time. The renewal date of the membership will normally be within six to eight months of the last accounting year end to ensure that the accounts available represent a recent trading period.

Where the applicant forms part of a larger group, we will normally request the consolidated accounts for the ultimate holding company and conduct the financial assessment at that level. In situations where associated companies exist through common ownership of the directors, we may ask for certain undertakings that trading is conducted on an arm’s length basis and that no loans, guarantees or letters of support are provided by the applicant in favour of these associated companies.

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