Hello and welcome to a new ABTOT Member – ProScot Gold Tours Limited

ABTOT is delighted to welcome ProScot Gold Tours Limited (membership number 5561) as a Member from 1 June 2024.

ProScot’s commitment to providing exceptional golfing experiences extends beyond the green. They’re excited to share with you not just updates but also insights, tips, and stories that enrich your golfing journey. Whether it’s a highlight on a hidden gem of a golf course or the announcement of an exclusive golfing event. Immerse yourself in over six centuries of golfing heritage at the St Andrews Old Course, the most celebrated golfing location on the globe. Every swing is a brushstroke on the canvas of history, where the spirit of the game resonates with every shot. You can explore a variety of tour packages, each offering a unique journey through these legendary fairways. You’ll walk the same grounds as the sport’s greatest players, feeling the legacy and the magic that permeates these hallowed courses. Upon your arrival at ‘The Home of Golf’, you can expect to receive the very best in Scottish hospitality. Their resident PGA Professional, John Scott, along with theirexperienced tour team will be dedicated to attending to all your requirements during your journey, both day and night. These tours are not just trips; they are pilgrimages to the heart of the golfing world.

Welcome to ABTOT!