Hello and welcome to a new ABTOT Member – Aspen Outdoors Limited

ABTOT is delighted to welcome Aspen Outdoors Limited (membership number 5498) as a Member from 01 May 2023.  Aspen Outdoors provides hiking and hillwalkingNational Navigation Award coursesbushcraft courses and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Expeditions. They also run guided walking holidays, bringing together accommodation, transport, guiding, and high-quality itineraries. Their qualified instructors are committed to providing high quality safe adventures. Aspen Outdoors Ltd was founded by Alastair Ewen, an International and Winter Mountain Leader.  The company name comes from the beautiful aspen tree, populus tremula; a deciduous broadleaf tree indigenous to Scotland. Aspen’s aren’t all that common and noticing one comes from a bit of study and taking time to look and listen for its distinctive trembling leaves. In a gentle breeze its leaves make a rattling sound as they flutter or tremble in the wind – hence the descriptive part of its latin name ‘tremula‘. The satisfaction that comes from noticing the trees, plants, animal tracks, geology and all the small details you come across when walking the outdoors is at the heart of the company’s values. Through their bushcraft courses, outdoor learning and their guided hikes they hope to share this with you.