Hello and welcome to a new ABTOT Member – Adventure Alternative Limited

ABTOT is delighted to welcome Adventure Alternative Limited  (membership number 5530) as a Member from 1 November 2023.  Adventure Alternative is an established guiding company with an emphasis on responsible travel and a high level of knowledge and experience. They have run trips to the summit of Mount Everest and to the middle of the Sahara Desert!  They offer many types of trips of all levels from mountains to jungle, and desert to arctic regions but the majority are feasible treks and adventure holidays for the enthusiastic hiker.  A lot of people ask them “what’s alternative about your adventure travel company?” and the answer lies a lot in the responsible business ethos that has been at the heart of their company since it began. It’s fair to say that they aim for each holiday to deliver something useful to the local community as well as provide a great holiday for you.  Welcome to ABTOT!