• Coronavirus Protocols for Tour Operators

    As the virus outbreak continue to attract even more media attention and subsequently customer and staff attention, Tour Operators need to ensure they have all their planning and communication in place to try and mitigate any impact and also to assist in reacting to any potential issue. Top 10 Items to consider are: Do all […]

  • Coronavirus – Implications for Employers

    At the time of writing, the risk of catching COVID-19 in a UK workplace is low. However, as the days pass, not a day goes by without another case being discovered somewhere in the world. We set out below some guidance on what employers should be doing: What happens if you have an employee returning […]

  • Coronavirus (COVID-19) Symposium – Feb 2020

    On 20th February 2020, Travlaw’s 2019 N-Cov (Coronavirus) Symposium took place in London. Following weeks of questions, queries and unknowns regarding, let’s face it, unprecedented territory within the travel sector, Travlaw came together with industry specialists to address the tough questions surrounding the legal implications of coronavirus and set about finding answers. Within this article, […]