• ABTOT Associate WHA Spring Statement Summary

    The Chancellor’s Spring Statement was delivered amidst dire social and economic circumstances. Living costs continue to increase at an alarming rate; the levels of inflation escalating to the highest in 30 years within an economy struggling to find its feet after the Coronavirus pandemic. Events played out on an international level will also have consequences […]

  • ABTOT Associate Travlaw reviews P&O sackings

    P&O – Where they went wrong, and how you can get it right! The announcement was met with criticism by unions, politicians and the wider public (as this sort of thing does not happen very often) where seemingly P&O have simply side stepped the process that employers have to follow in making large scale redundancies. The […]

  • The practicalities of trading in 2022

    Thanks for joining us at our Webinar! Thanks for joining us at yesterday’s webinar. Hosted by Julie Jones (Development Director, ABTOT), we talked about the practicalities of trading in 2022. Matt Gatenby (Senior Partner, Travlaw) talked through legal issues travel businesses need to think about. Also Ami Naru (Partner, Head of Employment at Travlaw) and […]

  • Government Pledges Additional Support for Hospitality and Leisure Industry

    Chancellor Rishi Sunak has announced additional financial support for the hospitality and leisure industry; pledging an additional £1 billion for businesses negatively impacted. Indeed, the Chancellor directly addressed the difficulties endured by the hospitality and leisure industry by acknowledging how negatively impacted these ventures were during the COVID-19 pandemic, extending to recent times with the […]