• Travel Employers in 2023 – Your guide to the latest challenges webinar

    With the summer season nearly over, we’re hosting a free live webinar on Tuesday 19th September to help all travel companies navigate the latest challenges. This is a special live event which will give you the chance to access specialist advice on all the new issues that travel employers face – including AI in the workplace, as well […]

  • Claims about sustainable travel and the risk of greenwashing

    What is a green claim? It’s a claim that suggests that a product or service is better for the environment, this could be about the general environmental impact or a specific claim. Claims can be implicit or explicit appearing in adverts, marketing material, branding, packaging or other information to consumers. When might a green claim […]

  • Are you an ATOL renewal in September?

      Are you seeking a seamless and hassle-free process to secure your business’s future? Look no further! ABTOT’s ATOL franchise scheme is here to provide you with the ultimate solution for a stress-free renewal, empowering you to focus on what you do best – serving your valued customers and growing your business. In this blog, […]

  • Changes to Employment Law post Brexit

    Since the UK left the EU there has been much debate about what would happen to employment law in the UK. Some feared that many key employment rights of employees would be watered down.

The government has now announced its intention to make some important changes to employment law in the UK, but not to the […]

  • mb LAW advises good relations should be backed up with a written agreement

    Many tour operators tell us that they have survived the past 2 years in part down to their good relations. Some suppliers were willing to agree to refund, rearrange or offer credit notes to tour operators.  Whilst good relations are important it is essential for tour operators (and their suppliers) to back up any informal […]