Associate says look forward and review your H&S and risk procedures

So as 2022 draws to a close and the turbulent years of Covid can hopefully be put behind us, many operators and agents are looking forward to a significantly better 2023 and fingers crossed the current economic, Political and ongoing Ukraine war don’t destabilise this.

As operations ramp up and businesses get back to full speed often with new staff and different programmes and suppliers than pre-Covid, this is definitely the time to re-look at all your risk management processes.

Health & safety due diligence is important in that not only does it help to improve safety for your customers, it also helps to minimise the risk and thus any potential claims and compensation. Insurers are much happier and indeed more open to attractive quotes for those businesses with robust risk management policies and procedures in place. They know you are working hard to keep any claims down. You are also legally expected to do this under the package travel regulations for anything you are ‘packaging’ for your customers.

In addition, given many operators have been in hibernation mode and may have lots of new and potentially inexperienced staff, then it also pays to re-look at your crisis management plan and procedures.

This is the perfect time to ensure all staff who would be involved in dealing with a really serious incident know what their responsibilities are and what would be expected of them. Ideally putting them through their paces with a ‘desktop simulation’ is a great way of bringing it front of mind, as well as being a great team building experience anyway. We know from those that have done it that when something does happen (and it always will) there is nothing better than hearing the staff say ‘We knew what to do as we had trained for it and worked through any potential issues in advance.

Should you need any assistance with either your health & safety due diligence or crisis management procedures or training, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


We have worked with on the LATA Transport safety programme which they operate on our behalf. On the back of this they have helped Tribes to enhance our crisis management and safety management systems for the benefit of both our business and our customers. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to other operators.

Guy Marks, Director – Tribes Travel

The crisis management training really opened our eyes to the challenges we would face in a real situation and has proven invaluable for us to plan for the future.

Nigel Fisher – Wild Frontiers