Advice for customers of WZ Limited t/as Rubicon 3

  • We are sorry to confirm that WZ Limited trading under the following name Rubicon 3 has ceased trading on 17 August 2020.

    ABTOT Limited hold a bond to protect customer prepayments and will manage and process refund claims.

    If you have booked a holiday with WZ Limited t/as Rubicon 3, we regret that all bookings will be cancelled.   We are here to help you claim back any prepayments you made for your package holiday, including those protected by Refund Credit Notes that have been issued when WZ Limited was required to cancel your holiday due to Covid-19 restrictions.  We have set out some advice below and in a FAQ document which you can access here.  Please note that how you paid for your booking is important as it will provide insight as to how your refund can be obtained.

    Bookings for a flight

    Your flight booking is not covered by the ABTOT bond and you should speak to airline direct.

    Travel agent or other travel company bookings

    If you made your booking through a travel agent or other travel company – not directly with WZ Limited then you will need to contact that company for advice and guidance. Only bookings made directly with WZ Limited t/as Rubicon 3 are covered by the ABTOT bond.

    Package holidays paid by UK or EU credit or debit cards

    If you paid any amount by credit or debit card, you should seek a refund from your card issuer by way of a section 75 claim under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (or the EU equivalent under EU Directive 2008/48/EC on consumer credit agreements) or from your card issuing bank by way of a chargeback..  We have prepared a letter to help you with these claims that can be accessed here for CREDIT CARD s.75 and here for DEBIT/CREDIT CARD CHARGEBACK.  Please note that the debit card letter should be used if you paid by credit card but the total value of the charge was less that £100.  Claiming from your card is also likely to be the quickest way for you to receive your monies back.

    Package holidays paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque

    If you paid by bank transfer, cash or cheque then you can claim under the bond. Please download a claim form here. You will need an electronic copy of your booking invoice and proof of payment or an acceptable photo of both to complete your claim.

    ABTOT aim to complete all claim payments within 4-6 weeks of the completed submitted application form, but it may be sooner.

    If you need assistance with your claim, you can call 020 7065 5311 however please note that the line may be busy due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis and remote working restrictions.

    Your monies are protected and you will receive a refund, however we would ask for your patience as it may take a few weeks for your monies to be repaid to you, due to the number of expected claims and the difficult working conditions at this time.

    International customers of WZ Limited

    We are aware that there are a number of international customers. Each country should have an equivalent of the UK Consumer Credit Act and chargeback system so we ask that you contact your credit card issuer or debit card issuing bank in the first instance and ask about how to make a claim for non-received services paid for by card.

    If you need any assistance or have any queries please contact us at

    If you paid by IBAN or bank transfer method then you can download a claim form from the website HERE and email us at with the supporting documentation. You will need proof of your booking and payment as supporting evidence. Please note that as we are still working remotely, all documentation will need to be sent to us electronically.

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