Advice for customers of Tucan Limited t/as Tucan Travel

We are sorry to confirm that Tucan Limited trading under the following name Tucan Travel has ceased trading on 2 February 2021. If you have booked a holiday with Tucan Limited t/as Tucan Travel, we regret that all bookings will be cancelled.

Please note it is very important that customers read the following advice on how to claim depending on the type of booking you have, who you purchased it from and how you paid for it.

  • If you are a UK or European customer and have paid for your holiday using currency GBP or EUR your booking is held with the UK entity, Tucan Limited.
  • If you purchased holiday using currency AUD or NZD, your booking is held with the Australian subsidiary, Tucan Travel Pty Limited, which is not ABTOT or ATOL protected.
  • If you paid for your holiday by CAD or USD your booking may be held with the Canadian subsidiary, Tucan Travel Inc, which is not ABTOT or ATOL protected.

We have prepared a FAQ document which you can access HERE which provides detailed guidance on how to make a claim.


Where to seek a refund:

Bookings including a flight for UK and EU customers

  • If you paid by credit card you may need to seek a refund from your card issuer. To assist you in making a claim please email
  • If you paid by cash or debit card or are in receipt of a Refund Credit Note for your cancelled or postponed 2020 trip, please submit a claim via the eportal on

Bookings without a flight for UK and EU customers

If you booked a holiday without a flight, it is either protected by ABTOT or by your credit or debit card issuer. To make a claim:

  • If you paid any amount by credit or debit card, you will need to seek a refund from your card issuer. To assist you with making your claim you will need to download a letter:

Please note that the debit card letter should be used if you paid by credit card but the total value of the charge was less that £100.

  • If you made your booking through a travel agent or other travel company – not directly with Tucan Travel, then you will need to contact that company for refund advice and guidance. Customers who booked through STA Travel will need to submit their claim with ABTOT.
  • If you booking was paid by any other method you will need to submit a claim with ABTOT.

Bookings made by non-UK and non-EU customers

  • Consumers who purchased their travel services directly from Tucan Travel Inc. (an Ontario registered travel retailer) or who purchased their travel services through an Ontario registered travel agency (other than Tucan Travel Inc.) and who have future travel credits or have not received a refund for travel services cancelled or recently cancelled due to the pandemic may request a claim form from the Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) against the Ontario Travel Industry Compensation Fund at Tel:1-888-451-8426 or by email:  For further information, please review TICO’s Closure Advisory – click here
  • If you paid for your holiday by AUD or NZD, you need to follow the guidance which will be sent you by Rodgers Reidy (Sydney) – you can contact them on for more information if needed.
  • International customers outside of these four countries should refer to the FAQs document HERE regarding their claim.


How to make a claim through ABTOT

The quickest and most straightforward way to claim for these bookings is via the online e-claims form via the following link:

It should take no more than a few minutes to do. You will need your booking information and/or reference and proof of payment to hand and you will need to provide electronic copies of these or photos to support your claim. These can be quickly and easily uploaded in the online system.

If you prefer to complete a hard copy form you can access one HERE – this may take longer to be approved taking into account postal timings etc.

If you do not have internet access you can call 01702 840295 and request that a claim form is posted out to you. This line may be busy, and you may need to wait for a while for your call to be answered.

Bookings made through STA Travel are being treated as direct bookings and a claim should be submitted via the e-claims portal.



If you need assistance with your claim you can call ABTOT’s claims handlers CSA Limited direct on 01702 811397 or email


How long will it take to process my claim?

ABTOT aim to complete all claim payments as soon as possible and have employed additional resource to do so. Across the industry there are a high volume of failures and we are estimating that claims can take up to six months to process.

When you submit your claim, ensure you send through all required paperwork. You will need a copy of your booking invoice and proof of payment or an acceptable photo of both to complete your claim.