ABTOT rewards 69 Members who have been in ABTOT Membership over 10 years and 25 years

Last week, Samantha Bradbury, Membership Director ABTOT caught up with Director Simon King from Inside Travel Group and presented the first of ABTOT’s Long standing Member Awards for being an ABTOT Member for over 10 years. 

Earlier this year, during ABTOT’s 30th birthday celebrations ABTOT had the privilege of acknowledging Members who have been a part of the organisation’s journey including:

  • 11 Members who have shown unwavering dedication for over 25 years, and 
  • 58 Members who have been a part of ABTOT for more than 10 years.

As a token of appreciation for these loyal Members, ABTOT has introduced a special initiative to reward and recognise Members who have been part of the association for over a decade. These Awards can be proudly displayed in Members’ offices alongside their ABTOT Membership Certificate as proof of the Members’ compliance with the PTRs through their Membership of ABTOT, an approved Department for Business and Trade body. 

ABTOT has also crafted bespoke logos designed to signify these Members’ steadfast commitment and expertise in the industry. These logos are not merely badges; they are symbols of trust, expertise and success.

The ABTOT 10 and 25 year Member logos will serve as eye-catching assets for Members to display on their websites and social media profiles. These logos will enable ABTOT Members to distinguish themselves, opening doors to enhanced business opportunities while instilling confidence in their customers.

Most importantly, however, they convey ABTOT’s heartfelt gratitude for the enduring partnerships that have helped shape the association into what it is today. 

In the ever-evolving landscape of the travel and tourism industry, building trust and nurturing long-lasting relationships are paramount.

Richard Watson, MD ABTOT says:  “We are delighted to be celebrating and rewarding Members who have remained loyal to ABTOT for a decade and more. This is a remarkable achievement for these Members and is a testament to the trust they have placed in ABTOT’s commitment to the travel industry.”


ABTOT is a Membership Association with over 300 Members and is recognised and respected within the UK Travel Industry. As an Approved Body, appointed by the UK Government Department for Business and Trade, ABTOT operates a regulated financial protection bonded scheme for Travel Organisers who need to comply with UK Travel Regulations.

ABTOT remains focused on providing straight forward and cost-effective bonding solutions to the Travel Industry focused on expanding its services and Membership as more and more Travel organisers are looking for alternative insolvency protection solutions.

Travel Bonds are one of the major insolvency protection options which the 2018 Package Travel Regulations  (PTRs) permit travel organisers to use for non-flight packages.