ABTOT is proud to introduce one of our new associates, Sugati

ABTOT Associates are specifically chosen for their expertise so they can help ABTOT Members run successful businesses.  

In Sugati’s own words here are 13 reasons why you should work with them.

Sugati is the ultimate end-to-end travel management solution. 

Built on Salesforce and relied on by a global family of clients, here’s 13 reasons why you should consider onboarding Sugati:

  1. Sugati provides access to all the relevant luxury FIT and Tour features. Add value for your clients and accelerate the growth of your travel business after COVID. 
  2. Reduce software overhead costs. Sugati is a cloud-based system so all you need is a browser and an internet connection and you’re good to go. Enable your employees to sell holidays and plan trips from home or anywhere in the world.
  3. Streamline your business processes and avoid repetitive tasks. Use automation rules so you no longer need to manually set up sales tasks, marketing actions, reports and more. You’ll never need to enter the same information twice anywhere in the Sugati system, so you can ramp up business efficiency.  
  4. User-friendly, intuitive interface. Suagti runs on Salesforce, the World’s No 1 Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. 
  5. Generate stunning and consistent-looking quotations and itineraries from week one.
  6. Travel Insights Dashboard. Sugati dynamically captures over 500 data points, giving you timely and relevant KPIs for your business in real time. Understand more about your customers and your sales processes, and respond with agility.
  7. Multi-layer, customisable security. Restrict access by user, group of users or by IP address. Set two factor authentication so even if someone knows your password, access still requires a security code from you.
  8. More than just a CRM. Suagti is an end-to-end solution with rich functionalities allowing you to run your entire travel business on Sugati. Know where your potential customers are coming from, develop a detailed understanding of your existing clients and trips, and nurture a great relationship with your suppliers. 
  9. Smooth onboarding process, completed in as little as 6 weeks. Onboard in a way that suits your business. We have over 200 articles and over 100 how-to videos available for you to quickly master Sugati.
  10. Take Sugati to the next level. Connect with your website. Link to your mobile app. Connect the dots, close your knowledge gaps, and give your clients a seamless experience throughout their holiday journey.
  11. Don’t play catch up. Sugati gives you integrated, innovative and effective AI technology, so that you can concentrate on growing your business and looking after your clients.
  12. Premium support. If you’d like the security of a little extra support during onboarding, our optional premium support package includes a weekly call with our onboarding team. 
  13. Trusted worldwide. Join a global client family using Sugati. What are you waiting for?

Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can onboard you in six weeks.