ABTOT Combined Travel Protection

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One application. One association. Total protection

ABTOT Combined Travel Protection – opening the door to cover for both licensable (flight-inclusive) and non-licensable (non-flight) turnover, ABTOT’s total protection reduces duplication and saves you time.

From enquiry to approval, we provide travel protection that’s comprehensive, straightforward and cost-effective. Our knowledgeable, helpful staff will assist you, making the process simple and straightforward, with one application, under one association, giving you total protection.

ABTOT Combined gives you:

  • Single point of contact – which means you generally don’t need to liaise with both the CAA and ABTOT;
  • Simple and straightforward process;
  • Discounted APC payments;
  • Discounted ATOL fee for Small Business ATOL applications;
  • No additional financial criteria test with the CAA;
  • Slimmed down version of the ATOL application form to be completed. The CAA remains the regulator of the franchise scheme;
  • Increased PAX and turnover threshold limits for Small Business ATOL applications;
  • ABTOT Combined members are able to apply for a merchant facility with exclusively low rates for domestic debit and credit cards.