ABTOT Associate WHA Spring Statement Summary

The Chancellor’s Spring Statement was delivered amidst dire social and economic circumstances. Living costs continue to increase at an alarming rate; the levels of inflation escalating to the highest in 30 years within an economy struggling to find its feet after the Coronavirus pandemic. Events played out on an international level will also have consequences for the UK, the most serious of which is the current Russian invasion of Ukraine. In terms of this country’s struggle, many looked to the Government’s Spring Statement to bring relief in such troubling times — and if not relief — then some reassurance that support would be offered.

Many will view that the Government has responded positively, whilst others will feel the support offered is not enough. Undoubtedly, some will wonder if the measures outlined will be able to make a significant difference to the country’s struggling economy… let alone if such changes can be implemented fast enough to mitigate the economic crisis that many people in the country now face.

Whatever your view of the Spring Statement, White Hart Associates have analysed the announcements and key points, and are happy to provide you with a summary of the changes to be introduced. Please access the WHA Spring Statement Summary by clicking on the link below:

WHA Spring Statement 2022

Please remember that White Hart Associates are on hand if you would like to discuss any of the aspects of the Spring Statement. We will take time to explore what the Spring Statement announcements mean for you and your business, and can advise you of any support available specific to your circumstances.

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