ABTOT Associate Trees4Travel online-seminar: a trusted partner for ABTOT Members on their sustainable journeys

Date: Wed 01 May 2024
Time: 10:00 -11:00


ABTOT Associate Trees4Travel is a UK award winning environmental ‘Tech for Good’ company that enables travel and events to be planet and people positive.

Trees4Travel’s aim is to help the travel industry reduce its environmental impact, but also to be able to make simple climate contributions of just one tree per booking – so what could this achieve?

In 2023, the UNWTO announced that 975 million tourists travelled internationally – that could have been 975 million trees in the ground in just one year!

Trees are scientifically proven to be one of our best carbon technologies, but they are not enough, which is why, behind every tree planted, Trees4Travel always simultaneously invests into new clean energy technologies, including innovations such as producing circular biofuels from organic waste for transport and providing clean energy solutions for communities.

Trees4Travel’s unique hybrid and holistic approach of ‘nature & tech’ supports and focuses on 15 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Their calculators are free, translating trips into trees, enabling Members and their customers to measure, manage and reduce emissions impact, and then making or offering smarter travel choices.

Why should ABTOT Members attend the online seminar?

Trees4Travel is a trusted Associate who can guide Members on their sustainability journeys. A simple, tangible, affordable and impactful way to start climate contributions.

Trees4Travel’s free calculators help measure, manage, and mitigate emissions, using international methodology standards and protocol.

  • Tree Growing + Renewables Hybrid
  • United Nations Certified Emission Reduction Carbon Credits
  • Focus on 15 of the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals
  • Employee Tree Planting Programs
  • FREE Sustainability Marketing Support
  • FREE API Carbon Calculators

Today a total of 821 companies use the Trees4Travel tools.

There are currently 615,081 customers/travellers in the Trees4Travel system.

What do clients rave about?

The branded forest page showing the ‘live’ number of trees planted by a partner, and the equivalent CO2 reduced through renewable energy investments.  The forest page is a link that can be shared with Members’ customers. It is an educational communication, showing information and background about the location and types of trees, including the benefits to both planet and people, but also includes a link that invites Members’ customers to also engage, directing them to the carbon calculator where they can translate their trip to trees.

How easy is it to implement?

Set up can be completed in a day – ABTOT Members just need monthly bookings data which allows them to then purchase their trees via a dedicated dashboard – the forest page is created and updates automatically. Marketing support for a Members’ website and social media channels is provided immediately.


Elkie Nicholas  


An eco-warrior with a tenacious entrepreneurial spirit. Together with her business and life partner Nico, Trees4Travel, Trees4Events and ZEERO were created to help address some of our biggest global challenges – climate change, inequality, poverty, and biodiversity loss. Embracing a holistic approach to help achieve many of the UN Sustainable Development Goals for our planet and humanity, with an aim to ensure that nobody is left behind, creating opportunities for our industry to accelerate sustainability in this new era of mindful, conscious travel.

Julie Jones  

Development Director

Julie is the Development Director for ABTOT and Travel & General Insurance Services and is the moderator for this seminar.