ABTOT Associate Sugati gives 10 reasons to switch

10 Reasons Why You Should Switch to Sugati

Sugati is so much more than customer relationship management software. It’s a new way of running your travel business. Here are 10 reasons why you should switch:

  1. Run your entire travel business on Sugati
    Ours is an end-to-end solution, filled with brilliant features, enabling you to know where your potential customers are coming from, gain in-depth knowledge of your existing clients and trips, and have a great relationship with your suppliers.
  2. Sugati is run on Salesforce
    Salesforce is the world’s number one Customer Relationship Management platform.
  3. No software
    With just a browser and an internet connection, you’re good to go. Your team can sell holidays and plan trips from anywhere in the world.
  4. Sugati is secure
    You have full control over who sees what.
  5. No double entry
    Enter information only once. Improve your efficiency overnight.
  6. Generate smart, consistent quotations and itineraries
    Start selling your high-touch travel – seamlessly – from week one.
  7. Onboard the way you want to
    Sugati is intuitive and simple to learn. After your training, you’l have over 200 articles and 100 how-to videos available to support you.
  8. Extend Sugati with ease
    Connect with your website. Link to your mobile app. Give your clients a connected experience throughout their holiday.
  9. Premium support if you need it
    Friendly, expert advice during the onboarding process, ongoing virtual support, and a weekly call with our onboarding team.
  10. Trusted worldwide
    When you start using Sugati you’ll be joining a global client family.

So do get in touch with us. Find out more about how we can onboard you in less than six weeks.